Animal Liberation Summit

Unite, Educate, Liberate: Empowering Voices for Animal Liberation

MAY 11TH 2024


The day will start at 10:00 and end in the evening, after dinner. You are welcome in the location from 9:30.

If you are curious what a workshop is about, please read the description below. All workshop info can be found here.

In the evening there will be a movie about the ALF in the Netherlands (or DBF, dierenbevrijdingsfront). Watch the trailer here:

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Anti-Blackness and the Effective Altruist – Christopher Sebastian

This presentation is based on my essay of the same name in the anthology The Good it Promises, the Harm it Does: Critical Essays on Effective Altruism (edited by Carol Adams, Alice Crary, and Lori Gruen). Attendees will observe examples of the anti-black racism that is prevalent among effective altruist thought leaders in the animal protection space and how those attitudes inform the direction of movement politics, prioritize economic interests over outcomes, and elevate the dominant attitudes and beliefs of normative whiteness.

Non-hierarchical organization

Yellow will speak about non-hierarchal organization and her experiences operating with this type of organization in her various involvements in social justice movements. Their words:
“I’m an animal liberation activist who believes our movement will never win if it’s not intersectional.  I believe we need to fight for total liberation of everyone, and to achieve that, we need to do much more than just write a statement in our organization-description saying that we are against discrimination. We have to be super aware of how we uphold structures of power and oppression in how we organize, how we build communities, and in our everyday activism. As an activist I have done a few things. Anything from political work, organizing “national” animal rights marches and conferences, to civil disobedience, disruptive activism, investigations, anti fur campaigning and more. I’m very involved in community building, and I’m a part of the group that runs the animal rights house (Dyreretshuset) in Copenhagen.
I have previously also been involved in climate activism, and now, even though my main focus is still fighting for animal liberation, I also spend a significant amount of time in the Palestinian liberation movement.” social media instagram handle:@antispe_activist

Diversity of tactics

A panel of discussion that explores the varying strategies that can be employed that furthers progress within the animal rights movement. Hosted by DAM (Dutch Anti-fur Movement), Shut down T&S Rabbits, and Animal Rebellion.

Disinformation, Infighting, and Elite Capture within Social Movements – Christopher Sebastian

In this talk, attendees will learn how right wing extremists, venture capitalists, and corporate collaborators co-opt the language of social movements to isolate and neutralize the efforts of radical activists through coordinated campaigns of disinformation that drive infighting and incite internal division…and then learn what to do about it!

Hunt sabotage 

We’re kicking off the day with workshops starting at 10 AM. Aysis Plet from Animal Rights NL will talk about their campaign against hunting in the Netherlands! Their team of hunt saboteurs is interfering directly against hunters. She will highlight the connection between hunting and factory farming, share stories about huntsabbing (and how you can join!) and talk about the other ways in which they’re helping to protect wild animals.

How to talk to media

You’re planning a protest, but how do you make sure to get coverage in the media? During this workshop the media team of Ongehoord and Prya from The Animal Reader will explain how journalists work, how to write a press release and how to deal with difficult questions.

You will get an insight in strategies to gain media attention, what Ongehoord wants to get in the newspaper and the way they train their own press spokespersons.

After this crash course media, we will practise in smaller groups for the next time journalists want to talk to you.

Whatever you do, get away with it – Digital security culture

In this workshop you’ll get acquainted with the basics of digital security, so that you’ll be better equipped to keep yourself and your friends safe in today’s ever-expanding surveillance landscape.

Practical Animal Allyship: Pigeon Rescue

For this talk, Billie Savage, the founder of, will go into depth about the struggles of pigeons in urban areas and how we can approach extending aid to them.

269 Libération Animale

“Since 2016, our collective and sanctuary “269 Libération Animale” has been developing offensive activism based on direct action. We target the large capitalist and speciesist industries all over Europe with numerous activists – up to 150 per action. We thereby blockade slaughterhouses and free animal people from speciesist domination. Once freed, they get the opportunity to live with dignity in territories of resistance, where activists do everything possible to support them in finding their autonomy. We defend direct action as a revolutionary path for the antispeciesist struggle in regard to the financial losses it can cause to industries and the empowerment of activists it entails.”

Shut down T&S Rabbits campaign

T&S rabbits was the last known fur farm enterprise in the UK. In six months, activists shut down three farms, squashed plans for another two and forced the company to give up over 200 rabbits and shut forever. Let’s talk about pressure campaigning and diversity of tactics! ​

Security culture puppetshow

Security culture is a very important and often ignored part of activism. Enjoy a short and lighthearted, but informative show to learn (social) security culture when doing actions and organising. Don’t miss out on the more in-depth (digital) security culture workshop that will also take place during the event!

Undercover in the meat industry

Slaughterhouse footage made by activists working undercover led to huge media attention in recent years and even closure! Roel Binnendijk ( and an activist from Ongehoord will share their stories at the Animal Liberation Summit of how they succesfully exposed slaughterhouses and other parts of the meat industry.

Their biggest mistakes, most difficult moments, their motivation and doubts. Everything you want to know about working undercover, they will help you out.

More soon!

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