Animal Liberation Summit

Unite, Educate, Liberate: Empowering Voices for Animal Liberation

MAY 11TH 2024


When the government threatened to halve the amount of ‘livestock’ in 2019, farmers responded by blockading highways, making burning barricades, storming the house of a minister, and otherwise coming together with thousands of people. Our opponents are working together to accomplish their goals.

The animal rights and liberation movement, on the other hand, seems to be comprised of a lot of separate groups and individuals working to accomplish similar goals. In organising this event we hope to bring these groups and individuals together to create a wider and more connected movement in the Netherlands. We believe that our movement can become stronger and more effective through collaboration, mutual support, and a shared commitment to each other’s actions and struggles.

What is the Summit?

The Animal Liberation Summit is an event for animal activists. You will meet likeminded people and get to know each other outside of actions. There will be opportunities to learn new skills and get to know groups, and to discuss around topics we find important.

Various existing groups will present their campaigns and actions. Attendees will have opportunities to acquire new skills, connect with groups, and engage in discussions on topics we deem important.

Safer Space

Our aim is to create an inclusive space where people of color, queer individuals, women, and other marginalized groups feel welcomed. Our goal is not only for the movement to be as wide as possible, but also to resist all types of oppression. We oppose the oppression of both human and non-human animals. During the event, we want to minimize our oppressive behavior as much as possible.