Animal Liberation Summit

Unite, Educate, Liberate: Empowering Voices for Animal Liberation

MAY 11TH 2024


Solidarity and practice

Fighting for animal liberation can feel lonely and pointless. As there will never be a means to and end to these violent industries. Collectively, however, we can bring about meaningful change and connect on our struggle to see it through.

The animal liberation movement nowadays seems to be comprised by a lot of separate groups and individuals working to accomplish similar goals. By organising this event we hope to bring these groups and individuals together and create a wider and more connected movement.

Join us on the 11th of May at Plantage Dok in Amsterdam


A sneak peek of the workshops and speakers

Undercover in the meat industry

Slaughterhouse footage made by activists working undercover led in recent years to huge media attention and even closure! 

Shut down T&S Rabbits campaign

T&S rabbits was the last known fur farm enterprise in the UK. In six months, activists shut down three farms, squashed plans for another two and forced the company to give up over 200 rabbits and shut forever. Let’s talk about pressure campaigning and diversity of tactics! ‚Äč

And more!

Check out the program page and keep an eye on the website and socials to see more

The trailer for the short documentary which will be screened on Saturday evening